Realistic wall structures for your home

Realistic wall structures for your home

There are things that are actually incredibly awesome, but are extremely difficult to describe. For example my job: I currently have a little less fun than usual, but I couldn’t imagine doing anything else (as if I have no idea how much fun other jobs can be). But I can’t really describe what I’ve been doing all day long. One of my cups describes it best: You only notice what I’m doing when I stop doing it.

The really bad thing is: Sometimes I don’t even know what I’m doing and not infrequently I throw around dangerous half-knowledge – but so far it has been good, so that I apparently got the right half of the half-knowledge. It is not less rare that it is not half cooked, which I always notice when I am in a meeting with other service providers and we are then allowed to listen to what they are saying – sometimes it is very creepy what they are there give out, especially when you know how big the company behind it actually is.

What I have learned at least in the last few years – insert: that may probably only apply to the advertising industry. In any case, after my first years of work in this professional life, I didn’t want to work anymore and have now ended up there again. Inset over – many then act 80-120% according to the motto: Fake it until you make it.

Can work, but honestly I’m not a fan of, because what to do if you can’t make it? It doesn’t matter – the same motto goes very well with KoolForm.

KoolForm is actually a Slovenian company that is being carried around a bit by the net because they brought out a texturing system. Nothing that saves the world immediately and my feeling also tells me that you wouldn’t really break anything with it in the lion’s den, because it is easy to copy – but the idea is as simple as it is ingenious.

Because with it, wall structures can be created almost deceptively real and thus helps to save money:

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