How To Effectively End Chases In The States

How To Effectively End Chases In The States

Another nice side effect of Corona is that the crime rate is falling significantly. At least as far as classic crimes are concerned – violating conditions or simply being particularly stupid by refusing to wear masks is criminal somewhere, at least morally more than reprehensible. But as Goethe already wrote: People are wrong as long as they strive and those who do not strive at all are simply wrong.

So maybe I have to correct myself: the crime rate is not falling, crime is just shifting to other areas. Others have to judge whether this is good or not, but classic criminals also have current problems going about their day-to-day business – we’re all already at home. But it should, too, so that’s not so bad at all.

And yes, quite pleasant for the police, who either have less or different things to do – less shooting, more complaining. More control of clubs, bars and restaurants, but fewer car chases. The latter was never such a big thing in Germany, or at least we didn’t notice it because we don’t have any TV channels that deal with it.

This is different in the states where you can (or could stop) watch this kind of thing 24 hours a day. And if you did that, you will probably have noticed that the law enforcement officers try out new gadgets every now and then – as can be seen in the following video.

Probably calls himself a grappler and apparently ensures in a very humane way that a chased vehicle comes to a stop:

A road rage incident and police chase on San Tan Loop 202 ended thanks to technology invented by a Peoria man.

Arizona Department of Public Safety troopers utilized the Grappler Bumper.

DPS dashcam video shows the pursuit of a suspect on Loop 202. It all started when a driver called 911 saying the car behind her was chasing her and rear-ending her.

I find it very exciting – when I think of some idiots on the highway, I would also like one or the other gadget for private use.

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