A wall printer in action | What’s going on here anyway

 A wall printer in action |  What's going on here anyway

I think it was last week when it went through the blogs and news again that someone somewhere really messed up some restoration – which would be even funnier if it were the first time, but I alone can handle it now Roughly remind you of three stories in which a restoration backfired.

Which is especially a shame, because the art is incredibly valuable for a reason and if some idiot arrives and destroys it (irretrievably) within a few minutes … you can lose a hair or two in anger.

What makes things even more difficult: I am sure that we are now living in an age where this simply doesn’t have to happen anymore. We simply have far too many technical devices that help and support – or even replace entire professions.

In China, for example, they have now developed printers that can even print entire walls and with a quality that is simply breathtaking. And just faster and possibly even more error-free than a human painter could ever put on the wall.

On the other hand: The thing should definitely cost a lot, especially in view of the fact that you only have a limited number of walls at home and maybe you don’t want to have all of them printed. Besides, we know printers. Works fine the first time it is switched on, but then people howl that color is missing or not enough paper is inserted. I could well imagine that one or the other wall simply does not fit the printer.

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