A portable laser show for everyone

A portable laser show for everyone

For me, laser is still one of the most fascinating technologies of all and I still don’t understand why it is no longer seen in everyday life. Sure, it can cause considerable damage in the wrong hands – but you can also do that with salt. Or milk, just think of the famous milk murders of 1832!

But we humans are already scared, especially when it comes to new technologies and also especially in Germany – you just have to look at a few reactions from teachers who should get an official e-mail address for the first time due to Corona and shake hands and have fought against it.

You can do really cool things with lasers, for example your own little laser shows. Yes, I know, some idiots would play jokes with it again and, for example, shine in other apartments or – there are simply too many assholes in the world – use it to poke at drivers, pilots or just pedestrians.

But those who are sensible just do something like in the following video. Please don’t let the beginning put you off, the first clip is pubescent crap:

LaserCube is an all-in-one laser display system that fits inside a 1.7 kg, 10cm cube. The 3-hour battery makes it perfect for both house parties and the outdoors.
It’s super easy to connect and just works!

All you need is a smartphone and one of the LaserCubes that you can probably buy here. Unfortunately, I don’t really find out much about the company behind it, but I’ve found one or two reviews that prove that the stuff actually works. With a starting price of $ 800, you should be on the safe side.

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