A mask with translator and volume control

A mask with translator and volume control

The topic of masks does not let us go and that’s actually quite a good thing, because I am strongly in favor of integrating them into everyday life. At least everyone should wear a mask who hatches something – that simply demands respect for one’s fellow human beings. But we can see how well this works even after almost a year of pandemic and by now everyone should have understood: The world is full of assholes.

Which wouldn’t be bad if the assholes stayed to themselves, because then you could avoid them. But they don’t, and even worse: A mask like this protects others first and foremost and only then protects you – annoying, because otherwise it wouldn’t matter that these idiots don’t wear them. Should they just get infected and live with the consequences – there are always those who shovel the wisdom into themselves with spoons.

But well, all of this is well known and we can see where it is going. Humanity is just too stupid for a pandemic, too stupid for environmental protection and maybe just too stupid to survive. The only thing left is to continue desperately looking for good arguments and maybe that will succeed with a technical drilling of the mask.

I already had one option at this point, but maybe the following video is also convincing – it presents a mask that has a built-in volume control (no idea what to do with it, unless you don’t feel like screaming and / Whisper) and a translator who’s really cool:

Unfortunately, both the channel and video description don’t really reveal much and a few minutes of Googling were rather unsuccessful, so I don’t know whether this isn’t a pretty badly made fake after all. I hope a little, not that …

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